Take clean and pure drinking water wherever you go with the eco-friendly, squeezable stainless steel.

Crowdfunding’s Most Amazing Filtration Water Bottle – Make Any Fresh Water Drinkable Instantly & Effortlessly!

Clean & Pure Drinking Water, Wherever You Go with the Eco-Friendly, Stainless Steel Bottle with NSF FILTER

California, Florida, Cancun, India, Bangkok… Or Your Apartment, University, Work…?

No matter where you are or where you are going, having fresh and clean drinking water is essential! RIPURI is the world’s top travel filtration bottle, providing you with pure drinking water! NSF Certified, so you know its safe and 110% functional.

RIPURI produces completely drinkable water in only a few seconds. Featuring a squeezable design, RIPURI effortlessly accelerates water flow. Simply squeeze the bottle right in the middle to easily pour and share the filtered water.

RIPURI offers you the most effective, fully portable way to filter even the murkiest water into something that is 100% drinkable in just minutes. Never go thirsty again with the world’s most accessible, BPA-free stainless steel travel bottle with a specially-designed filtration system! NSF Certified, too!

Hey! We got a squeezy squeezable pump, too!

Once you have purified your water, getting it out of the bottle is always tough. With Ripuri, it is super easy with its genius squeezable water pump. Located right in the center of the stainless steel bottle, a quick press helps to accelerate the water flow, allowing you to pour and share pure water easily & effortlessly.

Our Color Choices feature FOUR ENDANGERED ANIMALS: Elephant, Whale, Rhino, and Polar Bear. They’re beautiful. We love them. What do you think?



18/8 stainless steel is considered the best solution for creating a durable yet safe water bottle.


The powerful filter at the top of the bottle is able to remove 99.99% of all viruses, chemicals, sediments and other harmful substances to ensure that your drinking water is as close to 100% pure as possible.

It’s also detachable. IF you don’t need it (because your water is clean), just remove it. 🙂


A squeezable bottle is an immense benefit, as it allows you to quickly drink water one-handed, a necessity during hikes or excursions. Unfortunately, stainless steel bottles lacked squeezability, while squeezable plastic bottles lacked the BPA-free water that is healthiest for our bodies.

RIPURI includes the amazing functionality of a squeezable center while still offering the durability that a stainless steel water bottle provides. An evolution in drinking on-the-go, you will see just how convenient it is on your next outdoor adventure!


We wanted to create the perfect mouthpiece for RIPURI. One that felt great on your lips, while providing excellent water flow to keep you hydrated. The piece is completely protected from outside bacteria by the bottle’s cap, yet just a quick tap from the trigger ensures it is instantly accessible for your drinking pleasure! Hey, it’s shaped like your thumb , too 🙂


Cleanliness is a key aspect to focus on. The RIPURI is 100% dishwasher safe and includes a fully removable bottom lid for quick and thorough cleaning.

No more struggling with brushes, cleaning balls or other novelty products. Just fast, efficient and simple cleaning. 

We live in a plastic-clogged planet that cannot withstand more plastic being used, disposed of and wasted—with all its nefarious effects. Seriously, how many more plastics can end up in the planet’s oceans without their marine wildlife being even more awfully affected by these plastics than it already is?

With humans wasting almost 20,000 plastic bottles per second worldwide, we are unnecessarily mass consuming bottled water that is not even healthy for us.

In a nutshell, RIPURI means that you can find fresh water anywhere, anytime, at any occasion, and turn it into drinkable water in the safest, purest and most convenient and affordable way.

FAQ1: A NSF-Certified RIPURI filter is replaceable and it will only cost $9 or $10 per filter.  It will last about 3 months if you use it actively everyday. 🙂 It may last 4-6 months if you use it regularly. It is also detachable, so you can put it aside if you don’t need it.

FAQ2: The filtration process is very fast. Some filters may take minutes per liter, but RIPURI filters water as fast as you can squeeze. In another words, Instantly.

FAQ3: Filters will be available everywhere: our own Shopify stores, amazon, even at Wal-Mart. 🙂

Whether you are a global adventurer, an outdoor enthusiast or you like to be ready for any emergency situation, RIPURI is the world’s most effective portable, reusable water filtration bottle that offers you the cleanest and purest H20 with every sip!

All of these use-cases are possible because we need NO Electricity!

Many people have prepared emergency kits in case of regular disasters, such as a power outages or intense snow storms. The kits usually include food, medicine and jugs of water. However, in an actual emergency situation, whatever amount of stored water that people prepared will be depleted quickly, and clean drinking water will quickly become hard to find.

On the other hand, in situations like these, there is no power available, so there is no way to use a water purifier that requires power to work, or even to boil water. That’s why RIPURI is the perfect disaster preparation sidekick—it requires no heat or power source to provide you pure and clean water.

We want to help many in need. Help us to walk into a right direction.

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