Self Healing Silicone Blade, long-lasting, water repellent, robust 4 bar linkage with reinvented rectangular-profile.

KIMBLADE’s key feature is the direct blade that contacts the windshield glass. KIMBLADE uses a 4-bar linkage blade, made with silicone, that exceeds the performance of existing rubber blades through its powerful structure and high-quality materials.

There are many advantages of using silicone to make wiper blades. One, it ensures smooth movement and two, it makes sure that the wiper is in constant contact with the glass to apply the water-repellent coating.

KIMBLADE wipers are made of silicone material that ensures smooth usability even in harsh sunlight and snow, as it is very stable against UV rays and ozone corrosion.

The traditional rubber wiper is not resistant to harsh weather conditions such as strong sunlight, sub-zero weather, UV rays, and ozone, which causes cracks and increased corrosion over time.

KIMBLADE wiper blades are made of silicone and remains intact even when exposed to various conditions, allowing users to experience utmost convenience and safety.

Water repellency is unique to KIMBLADE, as silicone oil and coating is applied with each wipe. Not only does this make driving safer in dangerous conditions, but now there is no need to purchase a separate water repellent for the windshield. This makes it extremely cost-effective and useful for all weather conditions.

When the wiper blade is in motion, the water-repellent film is automatically applied onto the windshield glass (permanent use).

KIMBLADE’s Silicone Wiper Technology

The silicone is relatively soft material, so the other silicone blade in the market which has an inverted triangle structure is bent easily. And so, the down force is not concentrated and as a result, friction is increased due to extensive contact with the surface of the windshield.

KIMBLADE is supported by its 4-bar linkage structure to ensure the down force is always concentrated on the edge of the wiper blade without breaking the lip to maximize clear visibility on the road.

KIMBLADE comes in an array of colors to meet your preferences.

At the end of the campaign, Let us know the model of your vehicle and the color for the extra blades. We will guarantee a customized wiper blade. If there is no available adapter for your car, we will provide immediate refunds.