DualFuel – The World’s Most Portable Powerbank


This revolutionary EDC gadget combines a compact 1250mAh charger with a flameless coil so you can charge or light up at any time.

Presenting world’s most portable Pocket Power bank :

“Small but very helpful thing in full emergency ( low power ) situations!”

“Charge up using any cable and light up with the flame-less coil”!! Charge any device on the go”!!

DualFuel represents the first step towards the vision of fusing all our
everyday items. It is the most compact charger around with a height of
less than half of an iPhone 5, and every part was designed with portability
in mind. Put it anywhere and ensure you have always got a lifeline
to your tech, and keep your devices charged with ease throughout
your day.

Features :

FLAMELESS COIL – smart timer , covers every angle ( 360° ) windproof coil , satisfying clink

COMPACT POWER – USB and USB-C connectors ( charge any device ), simultaneous charging (USB and USB-C at the same time), super portable, universal input (Micro USB)

Colours : Black (discreet classic), Gold (a subtle brushed luxury) and Stainless Steal (with glossy finish)